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International weeks

General principles & conditions for international weeks:

General Principles

Member institutions of the Comenius Association organise international weeks for staff and/ or students that usually last for one or week.

These international weeks can be implemented in different ways:

  • a week including school visits, discussions about practice, cultural visits, etc.

  • a thematic week focusing on a specific topic

These international weeks could also consist of:

  • a school placement

  • courses in the host institution

  • a research week

The international weeks have several objectives:

  • Above all to challenge their ‘ethnocentric’ views on culture by meeting other cultures, other ways of living, other families, other people.

  •  To enhance the personal development of students and staff by enabling them to experience something different from their daily routine

  •  To encourage their autonomy by giving them the opportunity to develop their own projects

  •  To broaden their educational experiences by being exposed to other systems

  •  To give them the opportunity to communicate in another language.


  • Target groups: any student or any staff member from member institutions interested in the project

  • Deadline for students’ nominations: 20 November. 

  • For the institutions who can only host a limited number of participants this will be clearly mentioned in the description.

  • Nominations can only be forwarded by the international office.

  • In December, before the holidays, Host Institutions have to confirm the possibility to accept more students if requested by some coordinators.

  • Cost: we try to keep it as low as possible to stimulate mobility. More precise informations will be communicated in the description of each international week.

  • Accommodation: to be negotiated with the host institution

  • ECTS credits: 1 or 2 credits for a week, depending on the preparation and commitment

  • Certificate: each participant will receive a certificate.

  • Preparation: depending on the project, some preparation might be required.

  • During the project, participants have to be present at all activities involved in the project.

  • After the project, participants are encouraged to disseminate the results, the contents of the project in their home institution.


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